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Solve the React Native keyboard hiding onPan problem

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When using keyboardDismissMode="interactive" on ScrollView the Views considering Keyboard properties (ex KeyboardAvoidingView or react-native-keyboard-spacer) do not resize as keyboards hides. ( and

Rebuild swipable lists using react-native-gesture-handler

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react-native-gesture-handler is a huge improvement to gestures in React Native. We should start re-writing components that used PanResponder to use this new API. A swipable list is a good one to work on. An example of a swipable row is here:

Support iOS up/down form buttons

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Add support for the up/down arrows that appear above the keyboard on iOS when in a form in Safari.


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Submission There's still lots of work to be done to make it faster, to add more libraries and examples, to make it easier to use, etc!

Geolocation updates w/ callback that actually works while the app is suspended

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Geolocation updates w/ callback that actually works while the app is suspended.

A faithful re-creation of search functionality on iOS and Android

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I built and it works quite well but it is just an approximation of the native iOS and Android built-in search components. It would be nice to polish it further and make it more customizable as well. We can move this repository to react-community

React Native 3d Carousel

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A 3d Carousel like

redux-form supported UI Components

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I find that redux-form works very well for functionality like form validation etc. But haven't found any form UI library that works with it. I always have to write a bunch of UI components just to use redux-form

React Navigation Perspective Drawer

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A Drawer with various animations like opening a door or 3d. Something like or but updated. Both the above projects don't work with latest RN versions

[Android] Add support for full-screen video in WebView

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A PR has actually been made on React Native in the past, but it fell into oblivion

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