We’re a small dedicated team that provides quality results on tight timeframes and small budgets. Each client is closely followed by a dedicated Osedea team member who is always right there by their side.

Development (Web)

We go further than developing websites. We use our expertise to craft complex web solutions that meet your exact needs. We always stay up-to-date and leverage the most recent tools and technologies.

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Development (Mobile)

Whether you need an iOS app, Android app or the back end system to manage those, we have the skills and know-how to move your project forward. We create intuitive, fluid and slick mobile solutions for you and your users.

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User Experience (UX/UI)

We put ourselves in the mind and body of your users to help them achieve their goals in the most intuitive way possible. But we still wireframe, sketch and test, don’t worry.

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We value your privacy.
As such, we have pledged not to track your data in any way.