In early 2016, the Osedea team saw big growth. We’ve always looked for ways to improve the wellbeing and engagement of our employees. But, sometimes it’s not easy to identify what areas need our attention. So, we used a combination of Office Vibe Leo bot and Slack to get a sense from the team of how everyone was feeling.

After few weeks of gathering feedback, one thing that consistently came back was how our employees weren’t feeling good about their nutrition and exercise. As a team we decided to address this by launching a wellness challenge.

The Planning:

Three employees volunteered to plan out the details of the challenge. They researched and brainstormed different ideas. Based on the idea that it takes 21-84 days to form a habit, we decided to set a one-month challenge. There were two elements to the challenge that touched on nutrition and fitness. The first set out to increase our consumption of water, and the second was to complete quick daily workouts.

We were split into three teams. There were two components to the challenge: individual accomplishment and team accomplishment. Each person gained points and the team received bonus points when all members completed a challenge. This way we encouraged everyone to improve their personal habits while team building.

The How:

It seemed simple on paper, but we knew that keeping track of our progress would be tricky. We decided to integrate challenge tracking into the tool we used most, Slack.

In collaboration with a developer and designer, the Osedea Wellness Challenge was born. Corado developed a web app, on which each team and team member had a profile. Then he integrated a wellness challenge channel into Slack. François designed the look and feel, adding quirky little cartoons for each team: a broccoli, a carrot and a tomato.

Wellness challenge 1

What the Slack channel looked like:

1) When a team member drank a glass of water, they entered the “/water” command and points would be attributed to their team.

Wellness challenge 2

2) When a team member completed a daily fitness challenge, they entered the “/done” command and points would be attributed to their team.

Wellness challenge 3 Wellness challenge 4

The Results:

The biggest outcome of the challenge was engagement of all employees. It was fun to see the healthy competition between teams and people encouraging each other to complete each task. It brought us closer together.

A Funny Ending:

The Green and Orange Team were so close in the last few days of the challenge that in the end it all came down to one last glass of water at 4.59PM, which resulted a tie between the two teams. :)

Wellness challenge 6

The Health Benefits:

Together we consumed 1,635 glasses of water and did a crazy number of squats, push-ups and sit-ups. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel a difference. Since the challenge, I now consume more water than ever before (I could spend days without drinking a glass of water in the past). I also break up my day by taking a small walk every day. As for the impacts on the rest of the team, we’ll have to wait until our next employee survey to find out.

Have a great idea for a wellness challenge? Get in touch, we’d love to take it for a test drive!